IAITL Workshop: Northern Cyprus: Revisiting the Legal Landscape

Date: September 23, 2011

Venue: Bedesten (old bazaar Place next to Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Catedral), Nicosia

The Internet has become a liberating force within many societies. The Internet's most important values- including universality, free expression, open access , possibilities for democratization and the unleashing of creative and empowering forces – however are clouded by legal and regularity uncertainly. Cyberspace became tied to the national and international economic policies and regulations aimed at freeing the Internet from "ambiguity."

Regulating cyberspace thus requires the development of laws and codes of practice that reflect specific challenges such as the 'borderless' nature of the internet. However, as countries try to set their national rules on Internet usage, they encounter problems which at times challenge established concepts of legal jurisdiction and national rules.

  • How do we arrive at the right mixture of technology and policy so that the Internet does not lose its promise as a liberating technology?
  • How do we resolve the tension between freedom and control, fair competition and open access, free expression, intellectual property, privacy rights, and security?
  • Can the nation's IT system, especially the mostly privately owned critical infrastructure, be secured without a heavy dose of regulation?

The issues require an open debate in order to arrive at practical solutions to the problems of breach of privacy, data protection, Internet libel and computer crime on the World Wide Web. Also relevant are issues relating to electronic contacting, intellectual property rights, electronic evidence, procedure, jurisdiction and consumer protection.

This seminar will examine the key areas that need consideration when implementing a strong yet flexible Internet regulatory framework on both a national and international level that guarantee state sovereignty whilst still promoting international cooperation. A panel of expert commentators will also attend to stimulate further discussion from the floor.